Moldavite Tektites Healing Attributes

Moldavite is a popular tool for meditation that helps you communicate with people on other planets. Starseed is a term that describes someone whose soul was not born on Earth but came from another planet. It may sound cliché but Starseeds are people who believe they are Starseeds. Moldavite tektite is a stone that can be used to help them find their true identity and call home.

Moldavite promotes inter-dimensional awareness and compassion. This helps people feel less anxious about the future. This may give you insight into the reasons for your problems.

Because it is a tektite, the tektite shares those metaphysical attributes. Tektites balance a person’s energetic field. They allow us to let go of negative emotions that can still impact our emotional health. They help you see the truth about the situation you’re in and determine if you should continue on the current path.

Gemstones are treasures on our planet. They bring light, color, and sparkle to people around the globe. However, gemstones and crystals are more than just beautiful pendants. They have healing properties that promote healing, growth, balance, and protection from negativity. Each stone is a symbol of something, with a purpose and a message. Its vibration and energy help to nurture certain aspects of our lives.

Astral projection practitioners will notice that the transitions to the astral plane from the physical plane are smoother and more natural when they use specific gemstones. You can place the stones under a pillow or in doorways. They can also be arranged at the four cardinal points North, South East, East, West, or in a ring around your bed. To receive the healing properties of the stone, it is not necessary that you wear gemstone jewelry. Many people actually prefer to use the stone in its natural form for their metaphysical properties.