The Different Bases Of Double Beds

It’s easy to see that about a third of our lives are spent in our beds. This is why buying a bed should not be overlooked. It is important to make a wise investment in a bed. According to the figures, there are approximately 4 million beds sold each and every year. The double bed is the most popular. You can see for more information.

The move into a new house could be the reason you want to buy a second double bed. You could also have backaches, muscular pains, or headaches due to the old one. If you are thinking about purchasing a brand new double bed, it is important to not overlook money. A quality bed should be durable and last for many years. The following bed frames are available to help you make an informed decision when you have saved enough.

1. Divan bases: Because of the divan’s unique design, the castor wheels allow for mobility. The upholstered feet create additional space. The divan base can hold a lot of storage, even if it is in a tight space. These are the two main types of divans most commonly found:

Sprung divans have springs which act as shock absorbents. They are considered the most luxurious type double bed.
Solid divan Top: These frames are more economical due to their firmer tops and offer less comfort.

2. Slatted Bases for Double Beds: These bed frames can either be rigid or flexible. The softwood is used to create flexible bases. The level of flexibility you choose can be altered according to your personal preference. To ensure quality, the distance between the slats shouldn’t exceed 9-10cm.

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